Saturday, June 26, 2010

Part two of my Friends in the Peace Corps, my villagemates in Alapars

On the left is Michael. Mike is my Neighbor and is originally from New York where he went to Columbia. Mike walks me everywhere I need to go, and I think he secretly tells everyone in the village that we are married! Haha. Mike is my best friend in Alapars, my village. When I need a hug I can just run up to him and give him a squeeze. He is the most sarcastic person ever, and always has me laughing my butt off. I can tottaly be my snotty self around him and he just laughs and calls me the peace corps princess. He denies it, but he also loves my little shoonik! He is a part of the Alapars musical clan. He plays guitar and has a pretty good singing voice.

In the middle is Katrina. Katrina is also one of the first people that I met in the Peace Corps, although we didn’t really talk much until now. Katrina’s host family and my host family are related, so we see a lot of each other. We go to family parties together and try to figure out the language together. Katrina is the best listener here and we talk a lot about our families and being home sick together. She even agreed to try her best to partake in girl talk with me when I am really missing it =) Katrina is From Washington, and really has that Pacific Northwest vibe about her. She is really chill, and really positive, with hardly ever a negative thing to say. The one downside is that she is also very good with the language and my family always compares me to her… Alyssa Jan, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk, you should be like Katrina and talk more.

On the left here is Joseph Jan. He is pretty much one of the nicest guys here. He is random and funny and super smart, especially when it comes to teaching. Joseph is a non singing member of my village but he does redeem himself by knowing everything there is to know about teaching English! He is the type of guy that gets along with everyone, and everyone loves him! He also makes the most s random comments ever and always has a really positive attitude. Joseph’s little host brother Henry loves me and totally hates Joseph, its really funny.
On the right is Joel. He is the Alapars superstar. Joel’s host family is also related to my host family, so we see a lot of each other. My host dad, and pretty much everyone else in our family, loves Joel. He always brings his guitar with him to family events and plays a bunch of pop songs. He sings in class, or while we are walking, or while we are eating or even while we are working on a group project. Joel is the baby of the Peace Corps at only 20 years old, and is from Huntington beach =) Joel is pretty rad and we may try to start doing a bible study together. Joel has the best laugh ever, it’s so loud and funny, that you can’t help but to laugh too even if you have no idea what is so funny. Joel also tries to keep us all in shape and makes us go running. Also I’d like to say hi to Joel’s moma! I hear she reads my blog sometimes! =)


  1. Yay, I can finally put pictures to the names you keep talking about! I love and miss you very much as always, and you are always in my prayers. I am glad to hear that you may do a Bible study up there. Good for you. I have a package going out to you on Monday, so watch for it. I love you always, mom

  2. Might I point out what a shnazzy guitar Joseph has?

  3. Yes, Alyssa, I do read your blog..very interesting and I appreciate all, as you know
    that boys just aren't as informative as girls!
    So glad you and the other volunteers are getting
    on so well. Thanks for looking out for Joel!..and
    for appreciating his laugh! Hope to hear lots
    more. All my best to you!
    Mama Gillin

  4. Finally I know who people are. I hope Joel gets placed near you so you can do your Bible study. You will have to let me know what book your reading. Oh and BTW I would like you to bring him home for Beth I think it would work ;0) You will have to post something when you know where you are placed and who will be near you. Oh and I haven't seen me popping up at any events lately. I am getting rather bored. You must take me out to have fun. Love you sister!!!!