Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day in a far away land…

It’s a strange thing to be in another country on a holiday. The strange part is you wake up and you know it’s a holiday but the day feels like nothing out of the ordinary. There is none of that electricity in the air that excites you. You don’t have that nervous anticipation that just seems to scream that today is special, today is a holiday. Instead you go to class just as you do every other day, and you learn your lessons.
Even though I knew we were having a Fourth of July party for our village, I just didn’t feel the same. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I really love bbqing and swimming in the pool and being with my family. Needless to say the swimming was defiantly not going to happen over here. But I did get a bbq and I did get to spend time with my Armenian family. After school I went home to make moms famous potato salad as my American dish for the party. The potato salad had a bunch of hiccups along the way, such as the Russian mustard was more like horseradish sauce, the mayo was like a miracle whip, and some people just have an inability to let people do things their own way. But all in all it came out pretty decent and I have to say bell peppers are an excellent substitution for celery, thanks mom!
At 6 we gathered to celebrate with our families. There was so much food, we had chicken, bbq sauce, hotdogs (with lavash buns =( ) Fruit salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, French fries, and even chocolate chip cookies. We also had tons of Armenian dishes, and more dessert than anyone could ever eat! The problem is none of the Armenians wanted to really try the American food. They would try what their host student made, but that was it! Not even the chocolate chip cookies!!! How could they not like cookies?!?! So as Joel, Mike, and Greg played any song they knew with the world America in it, I walked from group to group and grabbed the kids, in very Armenian fashion, and dragged them to the table to get cookies. Whether they wanted to or not they were going to eat our food, just like they make us. It was pretty funny to reverse the roles! Later when I was walking around a group of 13 year old girls called me over to them and asked my teacher to tell me that they wanted a picture with the pretty American girl. Haha it was pretty sweet and it made my day.

So yeah that was all there was to our Fourth of July. Not so special when you are not in the States as it turns out. Sorry this blog is not so un-inspired, my heart isn’t much in it, but sometimes writing helps even if it is crappy writing. PS I have not showered in 3 and a half days, this is a new record for me!


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