Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monster Mash

Today I decided to celebrate Halloween in my classes. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they took their first test and next week we have vacation so I figured now is the perfect time.
So Last night when I was thinking what to do, I came up with a game to play for my little kids. I would make flash cards with body parts on them and place them face down. Then Id devide the class into two sides, and each group would take turns rolling the dice and choosing a flash card. So if a student rolled a 1 and then chose a flash card that had an eye on it, they would have to make a monster with one eye. Then the next student on that team would roll the dice and choose another body party. Say it was 3 and feet, team 1s monster would have 1 eye and three feet. This was a fun way to celebrate Halloween and review body parts for the little kids. I played Halloween music and they drew their pictures and at the end of class they had to tell about their monster and do the monster mash! We had so much fun, I couldn’t believe it!
When it came time to teach my 9th grade class, I told them that since they did so well on their test I’d let them chose what they wanted to do today. I gave them a few options. They told me that they had heard about the 3rd and 4th grade parties and they wanted to play the Monster game too! I couldn’t believe it but since they are my favorite class I let them. We had so much fun. Even the kids that never participate did, and they laughed as if they were 9 again!
It was an amazing day!


  1. The kids look so happy & excited in the videos, you are doing such an Awesome job. Stay blessed Alyssa!
    P.S. I didn't see you doing that happy dance! LOL!

  2. Awwwwwwww, that was so cute. They are so cute. Your doing a fantastic job sweetie, so proud of you! I want a picture of them eating the pumpkin peeps, lol. And I want to know what they thought of them. Good job baby, love you your mama

  3. they look so happy. They totally love you. I think you are having more fun though than teaching! I miss you so much!


  4. Aww so cute. Looks more like a party than a lesson plan though. Their pumpkinds turned out great. They all seem to enjoy your class. Good job sister