Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where everyone knows my name

The first thing that I saw when I came to Spitak was a grocery store. At the time it resembled any other store in Armenia other than the fact that it had air conditioning!! I think the first text I sent in Spitak to other Peace Corps volunteers went something like this “omg I am in an air conditioned grocery store!!! Spitak is awesome!”
Well since I have been here this little store has turned into an Americanized grocery store, and I have to say it is awesome!! My favorite thing to do in Spitak is to go grocery shopping! Maybe I shouldn’t share this because everyone laughs at me when I do, but when I get really lonely I go to the grocery store! I feel like all the employees are my friends there. They are so friendly and nice to me. They read the Russian labels and translate them for me. They play with Sophie, who I have been bringing into the store with me since she was small enough to fit in my purse!!! Now she is getting huge, but they still let her come in, she just sits in the cart. People don’t even look at me funny anymore. It’s a normal scene for them to see me pushing Sophie around in the shopping cart.
Also part of me just loves to feel like I am in a modern place; it makes me feel not so isolated. And maybe just maybe I have a little crush on a store employee!! =) Anyways here is a picture my best friend Ash took of my everyday life in Spitak, and trust me I do find a reason to go in there just about every day.


  1. You both look cute. I think Armenia has more freedom than USA, in the later you can not take you dog inside your Safeway and other stores, also you can not take them inside restaurants unless the animal is guiding an invalid. Enjoy your Armenia (the land of the free & the brave) and her people, and specially Spitak while still there because you will miss them very much when your mission is over and you are back for good to the land of..

  2. i took my dog everywhere in the US too! The grocery store and restaurants. I never had a problem with it. In Venice Beach there is even a dog wine bar, where everyone brings their dogs and has a glass of wine

  3. How cute! I love it.... I don't see many groceries in this store though. It looks more like dishes and clothing- interesting.....

  4. I left a comment yesterday and it didn't stay? You and sophie look so cute! I have to say I've never taken Lucca into a grocery store, do they allow that? Knowing my luck I would do it and get in trouble:( I love you, your mama

  5. Spitak loves You...