Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If You Give a Little Girl a Camera!

Last Friday was my last day I had to be at school. The children don’t come to classes, but teachers spend the day grading. It was actually pretty boring for me, as you really only need one teacher to grade and though I helped make final decisions about students who were on the edge of a grade, I didn’t really do much. So I spent my day with Larissik! Larissik is the daughter of one of my favorite teachers at my school Manush. She is 5 years old and adorable! We spend most of our time coloring and drawing pictures, but after a few hours she got bored. That is when I took out my camera to show her the pictures from her Kindergarten party. After we looked through the pictures, she wanted me to take more pictures of her…. After I took more pictures of her, she wanted to take pictures of her herself…. After she took pictures of her herself, she wanted to take pictures of everyone and everything! If you give a girl a Camera this is what you will end up with!

A picture of my eyeball...
Me and the Director of my School.
This teacher begged Larissik not to take the picture, but of course the little imp did anyways
The director of my school and Larissik's mom
This by far was the picture that pleased her the most. She took about 20 of them and giggled about it forever afterward.

This is self portrait number 18...
I had one English club that day and during the middle of it Larissik walked in and began to take pictures!!

I actually really like this one she got of my counterpart grading

And this blury one of our P.E. and Army teacher
This one shows the chaos of the teacher's room

And lastly another self portrait of my little doll!

Overall, I think we just may have a little photographer on our hands!

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  1. Agree! A photographer is born..and all the merit goes to the best baby-sitter in the world!
    Not a bad idea if you start teaching photography classes besides English or photography club besides English club. papik