Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marsom em!

It's August, and I am currently wearing my long underwear,socks, and a sweater. I am also under a blanket and drinking hot coco.... What the heck Armenia?!?! Winter just ended in May, this is unacceptable!!!
Also I went to the Peace Corps office today and was surprised by a number of things. First a mailbox full of dog toys and treats?!?!?! Who are they from??? I don't know but I am really thankful and so is Sophie!!!
Second a letter from my Senator Barbra Boxer pretty much telling me I am awesome and thanking me for my service! Senator Boxer, I AGREE with you! It's about time you noticed =)
Lastly A pretty green bag sitting in the middle of the office with my name on it. What was inside??? A volleyball and two basketballs and a pump!!! Awesome little donation to my school for our new gym, which dear God I hope opens this year!! Thanks to a MR. Paul Bloomer for getting the children of Armenia sports equipment donations! I can't wait to give my students a real volleyball. They would beg me to play with them last year, but they played with a soccer ball. It hurt! Now we can play without breaking all the blood vessels in our arms!!

Life is good even though I am currently begging my dog to come sit on my lap so that I don't have to turn the heater on!!! =) Enjoy your heat wave America


  1. This is a good site for checking the weather in Armenia:
    It says the weather in your area was low in the past few days, specially at night, but it will go up again starting from Aug 29. Nevertheless if it turns to cold again then using heater at night would not be a bad idea.

    Weather-Yahoo does not have Spitak listed but has Gyumri listed which is not too far from Spitak.

    Glad to hear that a senatorial 'red carpet' is being extended to you. Also glad to hear that Sophie, your Armenian dog, is becoming well-known in California.
    Keep on shape by volley-balling with your students!!! P

  2. we have always know that you are awesome
    love you