Monday, November 28, 2011

It's game time

Last week I had to take a sick day from school, which I hate to do because I know a lot of the other teachers are sick as well and they don’t take the day off… But I remind myself that they too would take the day off if they weren’t getting paid for the day anyways… But none the less I feel guilty whenever I am sick so I had to do something to counterbalance it…. So I spent the only hours I was awake making a game for my third grade class. I basically structured it off of Candyland… I created areas of the board with seasons starting off in winter working your way autumn where home is… So today my kids actually got to play the game and they had so much fun!!! I separated them into two teams, each team would send a player up (taking turns of course) to spin the spinner, it would land on a color and they would get a word from that category, such as long E’s or Angry E’s or whatever lesson they had learned already in the book, if they read the word correctly they could move to the color that they spun… of course I added some tricks to the board, such as a go back two squares or go to the next purple… there is even a space on the board where the whole team gets a sticker if they get the question right!!! It’s funny because this kind of format for a game would be very familiar for American children, but my children were absolutely amazed. One of my favorite students Ramzik spun the spinner and it landed on lose a turn. I told him he had to sit down and couldn’t answer a question… his face was so precious, he looked like he was going to cry… my counterpart explained in Armenian that he landed on the spot that meant he would lose his turn, but he still looked so confused!!! It was adorable!! And of course the best part for me as a teacher was when the winners got to the home square and all started jumping up and down, pumping their fist in the air!! I love to see my kids having fun as they are learning!! I love when they ask me if they can play this game every day!! It makes me so proud to be a teacher!!!


  1. Good Job! Take care of your health..just bless the place you are sick, that is bless the sickness (but do NOT be thankful for it), and the sickness will go away faster. papik

  2. Amazing! That's what I expect from a talented and creative teacher! I can really relate to the situation as I myself worked with Japanese kids for 2 years and it was a great experience. It's incredible when you see the feedback from children who came to your classroom with no English whatsoever. There were so many ups, and sometimes downs, but so rewarding! You are doing a great job. These kids are going to remember you for their lifetime!

  3. I agree with Edeliweiss saying "These kids are going to remember you for their lifetime!"
    Papik means grey-hair of course, in other words a senior citizen. And I do remember now all my teachers from childhood of 3th grade to graduation, and the schools I went to; The teachers I liked and the ones I disliked. I remember some of the things they did and said, also what I did in class, both bad & good. It can be that I not be a normal fellow to remember those years but the message to the teachers would be -despite of giving you many headaches, deep in our hearts we loved you; if not for the lessons then just for your company in class.

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