Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring has sprung

I couldn't resist taking this picture of my 3rd grade boys yesterday in class! They just look so polished and grown up! It was also a sign that spring has finally begun. No more ugly winter clothes!!! The sad thing is it's my last spring in Armenia. Today I will head to my COS Conference which stands for close of service. Peace Corps is preparing us to leave the country and go back to our ordinary American lives... I can't even imagine what that will be like at this point.

I have about a month left to spend with my amazing students and then only summer remains before I come home. So one more round of Armenian Ice cream, lazy mornings, fresh amazing fruit and vegetables, a few summer camps, at least one more wedding, hopefully some last Armenian sightseeing trips and then I am out of here. Time goes by so faster that we can catch it and learn to cherish it.


  1. Great picture Alyssa jan when seen enlarged!

    Those expressive eyes and faces of the Armenian children that are beyond words or a painting brush, you were able to capture.

    The hope of Armenia's future into which you have made your contribution during the past two years. And hopefully you will return someday when they are grown up and give more of yourself and your love to Armenia.

    There are some Armenian private schools in the greater Los Angeles area, like in Glendale, Hollywood, and Pasadena where you could be able to work as a teacher.. (that is if you are not offered the first woman presidency seat of USA in November 2012).

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