Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lucca Baby Schlange

So I have to admit that one of the hardest things about leaving for the Peace Corps is leaving behind my dog Lucca. Most of the time you will never hear me refer to Lucca as a dog. If people ask “is that your dog” I say no she is my baby. I call Lucca many things: Bug, Monkey, Monster, Sharbotski, Lucca Baby, and stinky butt to name a few, but never dog. I adopted Lucca when I moved out to Long Beach after college, and I have had her for 4 years now! We are inseparable, often to the annoyance of family and friends when I am invited somewhere and ask, can Lucca come? So even though Lucca is staying with my mom and dad, it is really hard for me to know that I will be saying goodbye to her. I know when I come back she will be here, but I don’t even like to be away from her a day, who will cuddle up on my lap and keep me warm when I am in Armenia?

Lucca's Christmas Picture

Lucca with her souvenir from Australia

Lucca on Halloween as a monster, hence the Nickname Monster

Lucca and I cuddeling, She is my little cuddle bug! Hence the name bug, plus sometimes she bugs me...

All tucked in to bed ready for sleep!

No Matter how bad of a day I have had, no matter what she gets into or where she makes a mess, Lucca is the best lil baby ever! People may make fun of her because she only has one eye, they may say she isn't cute, but I love her no matter what and truly feel that life would be boring without her.

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