Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So the past week or so has been absolute craziness! I finally got my official invitation last week, along with all of the paper work that goes along with it! So with basically one day to go before I left for my Cousin Louies wedding in Michigan I applied for my official peace corps passport and visa, the most urgent of all my peace corps tasks. It’s actually kind of embarrassing that I don’t have a passport yet, it just seems that everyone has traveled somewhere, but really when have I ever had the chance to travel?

So with that taken care of, I took of to Michigan to spend a peace corps free weekend… ok well not really because I had a whole packet of things to read and learn, and of course no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop talking about it, or thinking about it. I really did have an amazing week though. I am convinced that I have the best family ever, and even though I had a lot to do, it was the perfect opportunity to spend time with them before I leave.

But now that I am back in CA, I realize just how much stuff I have to do. I started to make a to-do list of everything that needs to be done, and I broke down and had a panic attack after I got to number 30! It’s a bit overwhelming! Luckily my family is awesome and each of them has taken a few small things from my list to help me with.

I received my travel reservations to staging in D.C. Crappy thing is I leave the 25th which means I miss Brianna’s graduation, which makes me really really sad! Awesome thing is staging is in DC, my favorite place in the country. Maybe I will have the chance to have some crab legs before I go! So I have less than 30 days to get everything done! I have no idea what I am going to pack and what to leave behind! 1 month is really not enough time to settle your accounts and move to a new country. My goal is to get everything done and stay sane… Prayers are welcomed

A few pictures from my cousins wedding in Michigan

Me with my Aunt Linda and My Aunt Sussie

My family minus my dad, I love them and am going to miss them so much!

My new Cousin Jill. Doesn't she look beautiful?

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