Saturday, December 18, 2010

My last blog was a little depressing so I have to put a few pictures of things that have been makingme happy here to balance things out a bit!!

This is a little video of Sophie following me to school. The lil thing has such lil legs, its so funny to watch her run!!
Right now in my 9th form class we are doing lessons on differnt English speaking countries. For a week we studied Australia. The kids were so interested in it and had so many questions. I had never been there so I contacted my brother who had took a three week vacation there. I asked him if he would skype with my kids and answer their questions. My kids were so excited. For 30 mins they asked him questions and he answered. I was so proud of them, and so proud of my brother! It's moments like this where I really feel like a Peace Corps volunteer providing cross cultural exchanges...

This is one of my 3rd graders Garik. A month ago he was my worst student. I couldn't get him to remember a single letter. I began to sit by him every single class and help him out as my counterpart taught. Even with this extra help he was so far behind. I decided I had to try something else, and I asked his brother zora to help him learn his letters. I dont know how his brother did it, but Garik is now one of my best students. He knows all his letters and is even reading. Giving him the student of the month award and having his class all clap for him, is one of my proudest teaching moments.

This is Sofie in the teachers lounge of my school. As you can see in the video, she now has a habit of following me to school. We put her in a box in the teachers lounge while I teach my classes and she sleeps!

These pictures are of sofie after her bath. Her hair is so fluffy!!! I took her to Vanadzor with me last weekend and we hung out with some other volunteers. She was so happy!


  1. O.K. I just blew it. I posted a comment for both of your posts on the next one. So see below for the comments on this one, lol. Sorry about that. Love you, mom xxoo

  2. Sofie is soo cute. Where is the part about your students watching my videos?