Monday, December 6, 2010

My Youtube channel

Hey Everyone,
I have a new youtube channel to post some of the little videos I record. For some reason I have a hard time posting them to my blog, so you can follow the link and take a look at them!


  1. Aye-kez-pan Alysya! This is not "A big fat Armenian Wedding," its just a pauper's wedding party, but I like it because I hate rich-man's parties. Do you have another shot doing them Armenian dance because the one you posted is a techno-kind of dance on a Russia song, ouch?
    Did I see you dancing, yes I did see you with cute little girls who were teaching and showing you how to dance. Consider yourself lucky as Julie Andrew was in the movie 'The Sound of Music'

  2. The bathroom is unfinished. You have a very good "tankless water heater or baxti" by the bathtub, it works very good as long as there is enough water pressure, it is better and much more expensive than the water-heater-boiler we have in US as those in US once empty you have to wait till water refill again and get hot. The room-heater on wall looks good but the rest need to be removed and replaced and the floor and walls, half way, all to beTILED and left clean by enamel painting on the rest of the wall and on top. When you host-dad comes back from Ukraine tell him TO DO IT -as he will come loaded- if he really loves you and cares for you, otherwise next year look for a clean apartment in center of Spitak since your currant bathroom is unhealthy.