Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cross Cultural exchanges are cute!

Peace Corps has a program called Coverdell World Wise schools that it likes it's volunteers to participate in. Basically this is a program where a class from the US connects with a volunteer. The premises of the arrangement are left completely open to the volunteer and corresponding teacher. A while back I had emailed all the teachers I knew in America to see who wanted to be a part of this program and a girlfriend from college Tawny replied that she would love too. We were both so excited for our students to be able to learn from each other.
Well today I just got my first batch of letters from Mrs. Paino's class!! I am so excited to share them with my students and have them write back immediately! Kids are so cute, and I have been cracking up reading the letters. I thought I'd share one with all of you.

Dear Friend,
Hello Friend! My name is Judy Lee and I am living in America but I was born in Korea. I am in 5th grade and my teacher's name is Mrs. Paino.
My favorite thing about school is that you get to learn a lot of facts and that I get to make good friends. My class just celebrated Valentines day on February 14th, 2011. I passed out chocolates to my class and I think they liked it! I hope so =) Maybe next year I would be able to send you one, too! We are going to celebrate Read Across America day on March 2nd. It is a day that you celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and read books.
What do you learn at school? What do you like to do with your family?
Your American Friend
Judy L

Ok, so honestly isn't that so adorable! I love how kids are so excited to learn about other people and share about themselves. I also love the fact that all the letters talk about Read Across America, as I helped the children to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday here too! Wait, so does that mean Read Across America day went global this year?!?! It's kind of exciting.

Thank you Tawny for sending the letters, sorry they took so long to get here, turns out we had a huge mail problem with anything that was sent in March! I promise your batch of letters will get to you before school ends, or so I hope!

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