Thursday, May 5, 2011


A few weeks ago I was invited to go to two Spring performances. One from the music school and another from the kindergarten. I have to say that around 80 percent of the time I can forget that everyone is staring at me and I almost feel as if I blend in, but not at these two events. At both events I have to say I felt almost like a celebrity. Everyone stared at me as I walked in, and all the kids cheered or jumped up and down and were excited that I was there to watch them. The truth is my favorite little girls were preforming and I was only really there to watch them

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  1. Thanks Alyssa Jan! You even got me in one of your pictures, view of my bald head from the back, 5th photo from the top; well, he could not exactly be me but rather a look-alike. My heart is filled with happiness knowing that those kids soon may get the English children-books I forwarded plus some misc --Just a reminder to others reading this post in Armenia to do their part of reaching in love with needy gifts for your planned school library for your students. Take care! Papik