Thursday, September 23, 2010

lost in translation

This is how I know I need a new language tutor: My family told me a story yesterday about a man in a nearby village who waited until there was a party and then came and knocked on the door and killed everyone he saw. It happened a number of times. Oh great I thought, a serial killer in freakn Armenia. Well tonight when someone walked in without knocking, while we were drinking hot coco, we all stiffened up and looked at each other with eyes each asking the other who that was. Of course there was no answer to our unspoken question and as the footsteps came closer I screamed and broke the petrified silence. My neighbor peaks her head around the corner and we all laugh. My neighbor asked me why I was scared. I said I didn’t want that man from the village to come in and kill me. Everyone looked at me with puzzled faces. You know the man from yesterday. They laughed, you mean the man who steals things? It turns out that story was really that he waited until they left the house and stole everything not killed everyone... woops! Now I will be forced to hear this story time after time again at many a neighbor’s coffee table as everyone in the room laughs at me. On the bright side, maybe they will now stop talking about the time I asked for a caco bon chic, when I should have asked for a chocolate bon chic because caco is only for milk… I still don’t get what the hell the difference is, chocolate is chocolate but they find this hysterical =/

On that same note, I was also told tonight that even though we just got new gas boxes in my home, there is actually no gas pipeline that runs to our house. This means in the summer we will have no heating unless that pipe magically appears. As my host mom explains it, I will have to sleep on the couch in the living room with the whole family because they only have one small heater and they close all the doors to keep that one room warm. I am hoping that this too was somehow lost in translation because that freakn sucks!


  1. Just remember if you see a bear and you have a gun just kill yourself. it's not just in Armenia isn't the only country where you get teased

  2. I agree with your dad, or who ever posted above. The whole time I read your story I was thinking good thing you didn't have a gun in your hand, lol, you would have shot yourself over a neighbor! Well at lest it wouldn't have been the innocent neighbor! I love and miss you, all my love your mom

  3. LOL....You've watched too many American Horror flicks Alyssa!? LOL!