Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And So the Countdown Begins!

Ok so I seriously only have about 5 more days in California! I fly to DC Tuesday morning where I will stay for about three days and then I am off to Vienna where I will stay for just over half a day and then to Armenia. This means I have only 7 days left in the United States! So right about now I am starting to feel really sad. I am going to miss everyone so much! I am such a family girl, I hate being away for more than two weeks, so it's crazy to think about being away for over two years!

Ahh so this last week has been absolute madness! Friday night my best friends Betsie and Megan threw me a little going away girls night out! We had some really yummy Italian food and then went to Union Cattle Station for some drinks. I love Hermosa, so it was the perfect place to spend my last night out! We all had so much fun, it was like the birthday party that I should have had in November! Oh I almost forgot to mention, Megs made me a really cute, but totally embarrassing Peace Corps sash to wear. It made for a very interesting night!

So I got home sometime after 3 am, after a night of dancing, bull riding, snake charming (seriously, there was a huge snake) and Carls Jr. that our cab driver paid for! It was a crazy night. Only problem was I had to wake up at 7 am to host a yard sale! Thank God for my dad who stayed the night at my Apartment to help me out! We had so much furniture to move! I have to admit I suck at yard sales, and pretty much gave everything away! If they asked me how much, my response was usually 2 dollars, or just take it. After a long day of sitting out in the sun and not really selling much, I made about 80 dollars! HA! Oh well, I had so much fun sitting on the couch giggling with my sister because we were so tired and so bored!

Then later that night it was off the Jamie's Riverside Bachelorette party!! I felt so tired and sun burnt and awful, but I knew it was going to be a night of hysterical laughter, and she moved it up like 4 months so I could go, so I manned up and made the trek down to riverside. And I have to say my only regret was that I couldn't stay longer!! These pictures say far more than I could write about! All I can say is when I got into my car to drive home, my side hurt from laughing so hard!

I still can't believe she actually dressed herself!

Ok this is getting really long but could not even compare to how long my weekend was. To cap off the week, Sunday morning I was baptized at Grace Brethren Church in Long Beach, bright and early. Then my family thank God, came over to help me move. I truly am blessed to have such and amazing family and such great friends! I am however grateful that I will be out of the country for two years and won't have to help anyone move for a long time! Ugh moving is the worst.

So now for my last few days here, I am in Palmdale just hanging out with my parents and Lucca. It's so good to be home!


  1. Best family but more importantly the best sister ever!!! I was at all events even if I was a bit grumpy. I get major sister points. It is starting to feel more and more real every day. No more sister to bug when i get bored and lucca a block away to cheer me up. Who is going to feed me when I am poor. Heaven forbid if the roomies attempt to. But your adventure awaits you. ADVENTURE IT OUT THERE (said with a fluffy head of hair and arm raised high in the air smiling with a toothless grin)

  2. Ahhhh, I'm going to miss you BRAT! :)

  3. To top off your remaining time in Cali, you could come see your cousins last football game of the year. So see you at 9, Saturday morning, at Los Osos High School stadium.