Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last day in America

So I have only fifteen minutes to get this blog up before dinner, so it’s gona be short and sweet.
I have left my home and my family and am now in DC, also known as the greatest city in America! After a long hard day of traveling yesterday, with bags that were all over weight!! I have arrived. I have to say that last night I was pretty freaked out and I have had a lot of “wait are you sure self”, moments. Last night was really hard for me, I was surrounded by people but felt lost in my thoughts, and to make matters worse the freaken Lakers lost!!
Today is much better. Spent the whole day in Staging where we basically learned what to expect. Also we learned more about each other, and met the whole group of people going to Armenia together!!! Learning that everyone has similar fears and anxieties helps. I am naturally a shy person so I know I just need to get comfortable and be myself and eventually I will feel better about leaving my family and friends and making new friends.
Also as a side note, we met Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams, and I have to say it was very inspirational!! I was actually surprised!!
So tonight is my last night in America, hoping to have an amazing dinner and a fun night!


  1. Yay i'm glad you are settling in with the people there now. tomorrow the adventure truely begins. Love you very very much. I hope you still felt a part of everything today. It felt like you were there except you would have told Scott to not buy me thistles as my graduation flowers. Love you very very very much. About a million crepes worth.

  2. haha! I really would have told him thistles were a bad idea! I mean really thistles!!! haha poor brother! I felt in a small way I was there too, except I wasn't so I was sad!

  3. No worries little girl, they are going to LOVE you just as much as we do!

  4. Hi My BFF,

    I wanted to be sure that I left you the first comment that you see upon your arrival. It was much harder than I thought to be here and know that you were leaving us for 2 ½ years. I am going to miss you terribly but I think this adventure is exactly what you need. Armenia is getting a very special girl, and I know you will light their world just as you have brightened all of ours. I am so very proud you baby. Stay tough, don’t look back, and remember your dad’s love is with you no matter where you are!
    love you
    your dad