Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am the most accident prone person in the world!

So let me tell you about my day in Vienna and my first day in Armenia.

Basically the most important part is that I dislocated my jaw. Yup my first day ever travelling and I got injured. It was a fantastic day in Vienna, Marissa, Ashley and I has such a successful first day of ever being out of the county. We learned the Austrian train station by ourselves and got to downtown Vienna. We had yummy gelato and I even had some weird but yummy Austrian soup with like crepe noodles. The broth was good! We navigated home and got in a argument with the Austrian ticket lady who made us get off at the wrong stop even though we knew where we were going. But we found our way. We are certified travelers now.

Untill after a nap we went to have tea and coffee and everything went very wrong. My jaw started to hurt so bad and was distorted. My face swelled. I thought that I was having an allergic reaction. So I kept rinsing my mouth with water. We went to the airport and I was rushed to the airport ambulance room. Turns out I dislocated my jaw, and they had to send me to an Austrian hospital. Thank God for Maggie, who went with me and was there every step of the way. I was actually in so much pain but was really calm. And Believe it or not I didn’t cry once! So at the hospital they re-set my jaw, only to have it dislocate again, and then they re-set it again, only to have it re dislocate. Finally they got me comfortable, and vallumed me up to make my flight. The flight was horrible I most likely re-dislocated my jaw 10 more times, I am not exaggerating, and yes I know I am an exaggerator. So when we got to Armenia I was whisked away to the administrator’s office where we watched the Celtic game as we waited for the doctor.
During that time I dislocated it more and more, and chiped some tooth away. But finally I went to the best specialist in Armenia who taught classes on mandibles and he fixed me up. He said that I had probably dislocated it over 30 times and had blood cloted in the sockets so it was making it loose. He wrapped me up, my whole freakin face is in a bandage, and he told me it may happen a few more times, but if I rest it, it will be ok.
I have to say I feel better but it was pretty scary. I also have to say I feel like a Peace Corps volunteer now. I wasn’t normal Alyssa. I didn’t freak out once. I was so calm, looking back I feel like it must have been all my prayers to God and our new relationship that got me through this. I knew he would take care of me and he did.

So heres to hoping that that was the worst of my travel break in!


  1. Hi sweetie, it sounds just awful! Tell Maggie and your friends thank you for being there with you and helping you out, you were very brave and grown-up, yea for my issy!!! By the way, in the future if you want to keep your great scrabble record going, prolly isn't a word. It's cute, it's how you sounded on the phone when you were all "valliumed or pain medicined up", but probably not a word. Well strike that, I looked it up and apparently there's a huge debate about the word prolly vs. probably, so knock yourself out. I love you and of course miss you. I Posted some pictures of Lucca that I took, yes me, so I hope they made you smile, well happy at least. We are all so proud, take care and tell your friends thank you for careing for you. love mom

  2. Hey baby,
    please tell us the name of the city your stationed at so I can look it up online.

    love you

  3. Your jaw must not like Europe. Tell your jaw to get over it and get used to it. You're going to be there awhile.

  4. See that God is a good one. I have been praying up a storm looks like he is taking care of you and giving you some great stories along the way. It was good to hear from you. I miss you very much already. Especially today. Love you bdddddddddddddddddd ouch

  5. Hey Alyssa, so sorry to hear about your jaw. I have been trying to blog and email you for a week and then mom said to comment. so better late then never. We missed you at Bri's graduation, but we put your picture everywhere, even in our food! I told your mom that I got jokes whenever she is feeling blue. I hope that you enjoyed your party as much as we all did and that your survival kit comes in handy. I miss you and I love you Auntie susie.
    PS maybe your jaw dislocated cause you talk too much!

  6. Aunt susie, the survival kit has really come in handy, if I didn;t have your flash light I couldnt use the outhouse! Thank you so much!