Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have so much to write about and yet I am just not ready yet. So I thought I’d post some pictures introducing you to new people in my life in Spitak.
So first an introduction to my cat Amoora. This cat use to kind of wander around outside. No one paid much attention to her. I would throw her some bread every once in a while because she looked hungry but that was it.
Well one day I was sitting outside and my family asked me why I looked sad. I told them that I wasn’t sad but I missed Alapars a little bit. Why they asked a little bit offended. I told them about the kids I played with and my shoonik who I loved!
Later in the day I was sitting in my room reading and my mom comes in with a little kid and his big brother. She was laughing and carrying him awkwardly in her arms. She literally brought in a small child off the street to keep me happy! The kid was really shy but super cute and it put a smile on my face. I taught him how to give high fives.
Later as I was chatting online with my mom and my sister my little brother comes in with the cat and hands her to me with the biggest smile on his face. I take the cat trying to appear happy, and smile and say thanks for catching him for me. Then he leaves the cat with me, I put it on the floor and let it hang out for a bit. It jumps up onto my bed. I pick it up and start to take it outside. No no no they tell me. It’s our cat now, she can sleep inside. We will call her Amoora after the Russian lake, and you can play with her whenever you want.
So I have a cat now, even though I hate cats, but at least sometimes when there is no one to talk English too at home, she listens, for awhile, until she starts crying about her own problems!


  1. Yea I've heard that about cat's always crying about their own problems, never listening when you have trouble. Even so, she's a cute cat and that was really sweet of them! Love you mom

  2. She looks like my Sasha!!!

    OMG Sasha has an Armenian twin. I always knew she was an Armenian cat, hence why I call her Sashigian.

  3. I hate cats too!! But this one is kinda cool...for a cat I mean :)

  4. Amoora is not a fatty like sasha!! No one feeds her anything but bread and cheese!!

    Its a lil cool

  5. I like that the gave you a kid and a cat as an offering to appease you. Too funny. We hate cats though. This must be a special cat. It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's