Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack Baby

This is my new puppy jack! This weekend I was taking a mid day nap and my little brother vahang came into my room and plopped a puppy onto me. I wake up and its looking me in the eye terrified. I pick it up and fleas are crawling everywhere! I rush to take it outside where my family is waiting for me, all looking at me with huge smiles. I look back at that like what the hell is going on. My tatik, who is the only one who looks angry, tells me my papik bought the dog for me. He paid 1,000 dram she says. I show them that the dog has bugs. Then don’t look worried, but I am disgusted and don’t even want to touch the fur ball.
My brother comes out with a big bucket some soap and some water he has boiled. He mixes the water with cold water and throws the dog in the bucket. He begins to scrub her. I sit and watch perplexed. I mean washing the dog isn’t going to kill the fleas… My host dad was an vet in the early stages of his life, I mean sure he worked with cows, but shouldn’t he know what a flea is? As the dog is being washed you see the bugs just clinging to her, there must have been at least50 of them. We begin to comb through them and kill them one by one, me, my brother and my host dad. An hour later we are still killing them off. I resign as my brother takes out the blow dryer to dry the dog. I come back an hour later hoping that they are done, they are still killing off bugs. Three hours it took, and I was really skeptical, but she really doesn’t have fleas anymore. I check everyday, and none! I guess you don’t always need that expensive medicine. After the huge ordeal the puppy looks a lot better, but is completely terrified. She refuses to look at people and if you put him on the ground she runs to the nearest hiding spot. Its been three days and this is still his basic mentality.
Where ever he was before, he had to have been abused, because he really doesn’t like to even be held much, the only time he lets me hold him is if he hears another member of my family coming for him. I am the only one he will let feed him or get near him, but to be honest he is still terrified of me. I feel really bad for him, but the truth is I really didn’t want a dog here. Lucca was a lot of work back home; I could never just pick up and leave because I had her to worry about. So although I think it’s really sweet that they brought him back for me, I really don’t want him to be my dog. I have been making him sleep with my brother at night and not me, so that my brother gets the attachment to him. My Tatik tried to tell me that in two years I can take him to America, and I had to explain that I can’t the US won’t let me. They even let me give him an American name. I wanted to name him Reeses but my family couldn’t say that, nor could they say the other 4 suggestions I gave them, so I named him Jack. Now I am stressed out about what will happen to the dog when I leave. But for now, he is fun to get hugs from and makes it exciting to come home.


  1. O.K. First of all the dog is a doll, and by letting the brother sleep with him at night they will form a bond. Plus when life gets rough a dog is a great comfort as you know because of Lucca. So enjoy the experience. Be thankful that the family wants to make you happy, because how sweet is that? They are going out of their way to make you happy, and that is a blessing. Recognize it for what it is and enjoy it, and give him a kiss for me because he is so cute. Now back to Lucca. I notice that you didn't tell me how much hard work Lucca was before you left her with me! A mistake, I don't think so! lol Ilove you very much and Lucca is very unique. love your mom