Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What makes a family?

A message from my Armenian Family…

Host sister: Hi Alyssa Jan, we miss you a lot. Your room is empty and every time it seems that you should come home from school. We were just talking about you. We always remember you. Garik is good, he is not allowed to come home but he called a week ago and was asking about you. He also misses you a lot =)
Me: I will come visit next month. Tell Garik I miss him as well and hope he is well and that hopefully Ill see him soon!
HS: We would be so happy. We will cook you a good dinner. Maybe Garik could get permission to come home for a night for dinner. He will try his best.
Me: That would be awesome!
HS: Nice! I love you and miss you a lot sister!
Me: I love you too sister =)


  1. Sounds like you are making some great friends there, I am very jealous of your experiences. Keep up the good work and the great writings :)

  2. What the crap!!! You are my sister. Since you went away to college all of these people keep trying to step in and claim they are your sister. The sorority was one thing. This must stop now. I am your one and only sister.