Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The love of my life in Armenia

I have fallen in love in Spitak. Yes you heard that right, I am in love. With whom you may ask, well unfortunately it’s not a who, but a what. This thing that I am in love with is sweet and spicy and almost tastes close to a maple syrup except it has almost a chi taste to it. I am talking about Popok maraba. Popoke maraba is green walnut jam. Walnuts are picked, boiled and then canned in delicious syrup. I have seriously never loved something as much as I love this. The nuts look like huge olives and are soft and easily cut able with a fork. I spread the juice on my bread in the morning and eat the walnuts whole (it feels so wrong to call them a nut, I hate nuts, but these are more like a fruit). I also poor the juice in my tea and it almost tastes like a chi latte! So yummy. I use it in my yogurt, and sometimes I just drink it whole, gross I know but I don’t care, love is blind =) My family does not really eat sweets, so popoke maraba is all I have to soothe my sweet tooth!
I found a company in New York that sells this jam. I am not saying it will be anything like the maraba I eat, but I really think you should try it. I promise you there is nothing like it in America, and as far as I am concerned there is nothing more Armenian. Just disregard what it says about pairing it with fancy shmancy blue cheese or frog or whatever, a nice fresh piece of bread is all you need!!!


  1. Sounds delicious!! I bet Scott would make a cookie with it!! :)

  2. I am not the only one who reads your blog! I'm just usually the only who leaves a comment. It just ummmm sounds so gross, lol. Sorry it does look like olives, I'll give you that, but it sounds, well I'll just take your word for it. I am glad you've found something that you like so much. At least if you fall in love with this, it can come home with you! Yeah, I just looked at it again, and I'm going to have to take your word on that one. Love you, your mama

  3. Everyone in my office reads your blog and tells me what a wonderful daughter I have, it makes me very proud of you.

    love dad

  4. they are delicious, you can also purchase them throughout los angeles, especially in the Armenian markets spread throughout Glendale, Hollywood and the Valley

  5. Try to get some FRESH walnuts, their season is now & in fall in Armenia. You need a strong nut-cracker or hammer but inside the fresh walnut is very soft with very delicious nutty milky buttery taste. Also the season for pomegranates starts in the fall. Enjoy both!
    Abstaining from meat and eating raw vegetable and fruits cleans your body from toxins and give you longer healthier energetic life and healthy babies. The reason some like meat because it stays longer in the bowels giving someone the fake feeling of being full.

  6. I bet this would be delicious on crepes. Send me some.