Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is my Armenian Tutor Lili. She speaks English better than any other Armenian I have met. She even understands a lot of slang. She is the daughter of the Armenian teach at my school. Lili is a very open and honest person. Within the first minutes of meeting her she told me, I like you, you have pretty eyes and girls with your kind of eyes are always good people. I can tell that we will be great friends. She is also very bossy. She not only tells me what I need to study, but the other day she called me to tell me that the time we were meeting was not good for ME! Alice jan (for some reason everyone here calls me Alice) what time are you coming tomorrow? Well Lili I thought that we decided 5, is that a problem now? Well Alyssa Jan, not for me, it is all the same for me, but I notice later in the evening you are tired and do not learn as well. From now on you will have to come earlier because I can’t have you be tired at my lessons. Ok Lili, not problem.

Lili lives in Yerevan where she is getting a second degree. She already has one in English but now she wants one in administration. She is only in Spitak for her break, which means by the end of the month I will need a new tutor. I am really upset about this because for one, Lilis mom feeds me really well, and I really do have a lot of fun distracting Lili from our lesson and talking about life. It is awesome to be able to speak in English with someone here. Today when we were walking around trying to find the right bank we saw some men speaking English. I was so excited I lost my mind, I ran over to them and said excuse me where are you from? Do you live here too? I heard you speaking English. Turns out they were from Germany and they were only passing through and I think they were alarmed by my excitement because they were very rude. Even Lili didn’t like them! Lili asked me, is it normal to just run up to boys you don’t know in America. I laughed, well it can be, you talk to whoever you want in America and ignore whoever you want too. But I thought that they were maybe my people so I got a little too excited. Yeah well they were not nice looking men anyways so better that they don’t live here! Hahaha thanks Lili you are right!


  1. See just goes to show you that your brilliant personality comes from me, not your very German father. Now that you've met a few you can see for yourself lol. Your friend sounds great. Boy people in Armenia are constantly coming and going aren't they? Must be really tough to be a mom there. Love you, and you don't have to talk about anything your not ready to talk about. I love you very much, stay safe your mom

  2. you found someone bossier than you,...impossible

  3. Very true about your eyes!! But quit draggin ass during your studies ;) And listen to Lili and stay away from the boys (Sorry, that was my inner Scott coming out).