Sunday, November 14, 2010

I have been meaning and meaning to write the last few blogs in my vacation series but I just have had absolutely no time. Shat apsos because I have the most beautiful pictures and funniest stories from Jurmuke to share with you all too. But I have just started my advanced English club and an English Teachers book club, in addition to my reading club and my office hours. So I have been working pretty hard. Also word on the street in Spitak is that my birthday is tomorrow so people have been inviting me over for cake every day, I can’t even imagine how it will be next week! I seriously love my community so much, they are amazing! And of course I spent the most fantastic weekend in Yerevan with the most amazing friends in the world for my birthday, so I just haven’t been writing at all. But I do want to share this video that I took a week ago while visiting my host mom’s brother in Vanadzor. This is a video of an Armenian wedding procession. Basically what you are seeing is the groom’s side of the family is marching over to the brides house to meet her and bring her a wedding dress. Please pay no attention to my horrible Armenian in the video! But basically what you are hearing is my host mom explain the tradition to me. I ask her, so the bride doesn’t have her cloths right now, I couldn’t remember the word for dress, and my host mom says that no she doesn’t because the groom has to bring it to her… Next week I will be actually going to a harsinik (wedding) and not just stalking one, so I will be able to describe things to you in better detail.


  1. Awesome! Awesome! Whenever you post something I just know it in second that there is a new one from you and I feel someone nudging me to go to my computer to check it, call it telepathic communication if you like. Happy Birthday to you and Happy wedding!

  2. You may delete those 4 links afterward if you wish

    1-A traditional one

    2-This is a nice Armenian Happy-Birthday song

    3-Hilariously Funny dog wishing you Happy Birthday

    4- This Happy Birthday are from Arevik Armenian children/students

  3. This singer has a very beautiful voice and he is from Spitak, his name Hayko Ghevondyan, in the link he is singing "Tsnundt Shnorhavor/Happy Bitrthday." I do not know if he does serenades, who knows for lovely Americans he might do it as a favor, give him a call!
    Here is the link to his YouTube video song:

  4. Thanks for your posts. They remind me of the times I had while a PCV in Armenia. My wife and I lived in Alaverdi.

    If you're interested you can read about experience on our Peace Corps Experience website.