Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is a box if it's not just a box?

This is my little tiny heater that the Peace Corps gave me, for what purpose I am not entirely sure since it obviously is only meant to keep your hands warm!!

But in the Peace Corps they always remind us we must be flexible, and we must think outside the box. So this is now the way I blow dry my hair! I thought I had given up hair appliances for the next two years and three months but if the PC has taught me nothing else it has taught me to expect the unexpected! Now if only I could make the thing work for more than ten minutes without blowing out all the power in our house!


  1. If after ten minutes of use the power in house get blown up, it means they have to put higher and stronger fuse near the meter so that the fuse will not blow-up so easy; usually electric heaters take a lot of power consequently the fuse get heated so fast and the fuse get blown up and disconnect all power to house as a safety measure. Stronger fuse will solve the problem. This can also happen if there is a short circuit somewhere. (never put you heater on inflammable material like that chair, ask them for something made of stone or metal)

    If you would be staying in your room during coming winter, that heater you have will not keep you warm in January and February in Spitak (it might in Yerevan but not in Spitak). During those two months you need at least 3 heaters like that for your room, specially at night when it gets colder than day. This is not California where temperature is almost the same year around, and your first winter in Spitak is going to be hard on you, since you are not used to it like the natives. But I think you host-mom got it figured out since all the family will spent the time in one good heated room during the winter on the days that are coldest.

    My Armenian grandma showed me how they spent their winter, like Noah spent his winter in the Ark and in Armenia, so this manner of survival came all along from Noah who passed it to future generations. They made a source of heat in a hole, then they gather sitting all around that heat, be it of coal source or the small heater you have. Then they throw a big blanket over them and the heat source, the blanket covering them up to their necks, thus their bodies stay hot, and they pass the time like that telling stories or whatever. If you do not want to go to all that trouble then buy you an electric heated blanket next time you go to Yerevan.

  2. Pretty Hair!
    "Ouch! Ouch!"
    you didn't have to punch me so hard! I only wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and happy laughs.
    Here are your 4 gifts:

    A You-Tube video of a small dog dancing on hinds legs in an Armenian party:

    The title in YouTube: "Happy" Dances to Armenian Music


    Title in YouTube: Laurel and Hardy Armenian Dance


    Title in YouTube: 3 Stooges at Armenian Party


    Title in YouTube: Armenian Song Antsel en Antsel



  3. See you are your mothers daughter. I would have found a way to dry my hair too at any cost. Good job, lol. Love you, your mom