Thursday, November 18, 2010

My birthday present!

So you may remember Manook from a few posts back, the cutest little baby dog in the world who died a few weeks ago. At the time I told everyone in my town that under no circumstances did I want a new dog. No matter how small and cute it may be, I just don’t want one, or so I said.
Well it just so happens that my students knew and loved Manook, and were also really sad when she died. She was the only dog in Spitak that was allowed into people’s homes, because I carried her everywhere.
A week before my birthday something strange was happening. Everytime I entered a room, people stopped talking. I knew that this wasn’t the kind of cold shoulder you get in America where if you walk into a room and silence ensues you can bet your money that they are gossiping about you. No this was definitely different.
Now there are multiple facets to this story but for the most part, at least as far as my 9th grade class goes, the talking was about a birthday surprise. That surprise happens to be a new puppy, who I have decided to call Sophie Jan. She is a month old! Still drinks only milk, and supposedly was abandoned by her momma. So even though I really didn’t want a puppy, what do you say when your kids go through the trouble to surprise you with one? I mean they even tied a bow on her!
So now I am Sophie Jans new momma. Having a puppy this little is so hard. I am so scared she will die like Manook did, so every night I sneak her into my room to sleep and sneak her back out early in the morning before my host mom wakes up. Turns out I have a confidant in my brother, who is now in on the plan. He distracts my host mom and I take the dog to my room! I love this lil dog, I hope she will make it!


  1. You can 'twitter' your Sophie in place of asking her: What are you doing? Inch es anum?

  2. I like that in the second video your lure her over with a tempting finger to munch on.

  3. You need to make a small cloth that goes over her head made of wool and cover Janet jan's torso and breast. Also your dog needs a thick wool blanket for winter. You also would be needing those thick wool-blankets, two inches thick stuffed with wool, for the winter. You probably have seen in summer people washing wool, beating them with stick, then hanging them to dry. What you have not seen is that afterward they stuff those cleaned wool in two layers of blanket for use in winter during sleep.