Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jurmuk two

I want to add a few more pictures to my collection of Jurmuk pictures.

You see I forgot to mention that the reason people go to Jurmuk is to drink the water. Armenians have claimed for centuries that Jurmuk water heals whatever may ail them. People from all over Armenia come here to drink the water. I have to say, they just might be on to something here. Not only does Jurmuk have the only water source that us PCV’s can drink straight without a filter, but I do have to say that the day after I returned I did feel a lot better. Maybe time had taken its course and healed me or maybe there is a little bit of magic in Jurmuk, it’s hard to say!
Although I do have to say, the water did not taste as I expected it to. As we walked up to tasting center we met three ladies who instructed us to drink and keep drinking because we will be healthy when we leave. They even offered to let us use their cup! They watched as we stood around not really sure what to do and instructed us to drink. So I stuck my hand in the basin and let the water fall into it, shocked to find it hot. Hot water poured out through the spouts. It almost burned my hand to touch it. After the initial shock I let my hand get use to the temperature and scoped some into my mouth. The taste was metallic. We tried water from all the basins, supposedly they each have a different healing purpose and a different temperature, though all hot.


  1. Great! Your site is becoming the best. Good writing and excellent photos, and very informative about Armenia: places, people. I bet all others are jealous of you by now. (Oh I forgot to mention your voice, when speaking Armenian you have the most sweet voice, as if honey is pouring out of your mouth. You are going to kill the others from jealousy, have pity on them.) I like to hear you singing, in Armenian of course!