Monday, November 8, 2010

A little swim in the little sunshine Armenia has left

After spending three nights sick and in bed in Malishka I finally found enough energy to make it out of bed and into Yeghegnadzor. Yeghegnadzor (a mouthful right?) is the large town that is closest to Malishka. It is a pretty awesome town because unlike Spitak it has cafés and restaurants, which gives you some where to go when you just want to get out of the house. This was also super important because Chad does not have his gas burner in Malishka yet, which meant every night dinner was salami and levash and cheese, which doesn’t sound so bad, but try eating that for three days straight when you’re sick, it’s a whole different story!
So we ate lunch at a pretty cool outdoor café near the University. The place was dead. There was only one other table having drinks. But that did not stop our waitress from being super horrible! I don’t know why but service in Armenian is notably awful! We sat down and fifteen minutes later someone came to take our drink order. Then 10 minutes later she came back to get our food order but we didn’t have our drinks yet. We wait and wait and wait…. After 20 more minutes of waiting two of us get our food, but we still do not have drinks! It was horrible! The waiter didn’t even try to apologize, that is just the way it is here. You just cannot sit down to eat in Armenia if you are busy and only have a small amount of time.
After our lunch we decided to go for a hike down to the river. The hike was about 45 minutes long, and worth every minute of it! As I have said before, Fall in Armenia is spectacular. I cannot get over how beautiful it is!!! Ash and I sat on the rocks near the river talking as the boys attempted to go for a swim. Immediately Scott came right out of the water, it was far too cold, but Chad was stubborn and/or crazy and actually went for a swim!!! I can’t tell you how nice it was to have the sun on my face and a little bit of warm weather.
These are the pictures from that day, they are so beautiful! There is more to tell about my visit but for now I just want you to see the beauty that words cannot describe!


  1. Thanks Alysya for great landscape photos of beloved Armenia and thanks for the photo of two beauties -that words cannot describe- siting on the rocks near the river. Get Well and enjoy life and children!

  2. Such Great pics Alyssa! Love em!

  3. Beautiful, I agree with the first person who commented, even though they didn't leave their name. I love love love that bridge. It looks just beautiful there. We do have autum by the way. I drove down our street the other day and all the trees are shades of yellow, orange and bright red. That's good enough for me, lol. I love and miss you always and especially now. I can't believe your about to have a birthday that I won't be there to share with you. So just know in advance that you are so loved, always, your mom (your real mom)

  4. Dear me Alysya:
    Those landscape photos are National Geographic Magazine quality as someone noted. The one with the bridge (I think it is the famous 13th century bridge on Arpi river, correct me if wrong) is outstanding, the blue color is flowing from the sky and clouds and blending with the blue of the river as if the river is flowing from the blue sky to earth, with some green bushes at the side for contrast, just fabulous. Do not use an advanced software to re-touch and modify those photos as their natural beauty get spoiled. The other one, with the mountain coming at angle, the contrast between the blue sky and brown hills with the addition of just a pair of trees on front on green meadow is also a winner. My suggestion is that collect some of those landscape photos you made of Armenia, write some blah article, a 'PCV's Journey With Camera In Armenian Wild' and try to sell it to National Geographic branch in Yerevan or the original NG in US.
    Lots of sunflowers and green notes for you!